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Watercolor of Em

Lately, I’ve been working on book illustrations for the Investigator Anne series, book #5.  Sometimes I need to do something different for a little change in my routine though.  Here’s a little watercolor I did of my Em.  It was super fun and I think I’ll use this style for a book illustration style in the future.  I have some ideas in mind.  But for now, I’ll post this to keep me inspired.


This is Em playing with the little kitchen Mr. Everything and I made for her.  I feel like these moments change so fast, I’ve got to capture them in some special way to remember them forever!

Little Artists

It was a little too hot to ride bikes today, so we opted for painting in the shade.

(I love that Anne painted this painting of the paint set)

I kind of always dread the painting projects–it’s so messy.  But when you’re painting outside, it’s a whole different story.  Let the drips go, and the creativity flow!  (Then just hose down the table and everything else when it’s clean up time!).  I love outside. ;)

Anne made illustrations of Investigator Anne and the catching of a wanted bandit.  (I’m still working on my book too–oh, actually, you can see my pink binder of notes and sketches way back there on the table.  Yes, I took a break too and was sketching some fun ideas while my little artists were at work.)

Anne’s illustrations–I LOVE her artwork! It’s so bright and colorful.

Mary seemed to love drawing robots and princesses today.

I love her colors and cute shapes.

And here are some of the princesses…

This one is me–didn’t she do a good job!  It looks just like me!

Eliza is in her impressionist stage.  She’s a paint dabber and uses bits of of color and small brush strokes (and sometimes fingers) to create her work.

From left to right, here is Mary’s art called Robot, and two of Eliza’s works, Purple Experiment and Orange Thing

And here are a few more of today’s masterpieces…

When some of the pictures started blowing off the table, we tied a jumprope to the railing and used clothes pins to hang up the artwork to dry.

I love it when my kids use their creativity.  It’s worth all the mess–and it was so fun to paint outside.

Here’s some Angel Street “Little Artist” wall decals that I designed for the little Rembrandts in our lives.  Click HERE or click on the picture to see more.