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Outdoor fun in a tiny, boring, backyard

Right now, our backyard is pretty boring.  At least that’s what my kids say almost everyday.  I agree with them though.  Our new backyard is very small and there’s no room for a playset or trampoline or anything.  There’s also a whole lot of wildlife, which makes planting anything interesting near impossible.  We make enormous efforts to go to fun parks and places that are more fun…but sometimes mommy needs to do those boring mommy jobs (laundry, dishes, cleaning…more laundry) and the kids have to settle with playing in the boring backyard.  Anyway, lately we’ve tried to make the boring backyard a little more fun.  Here’s what we’ve come up with.


Non-messy, cool-offy water painting! 

Yes, paint on the cement with water.  It’s brilliant, don’t you think?  No stains, no mess, get cooled off and the kids feel like they are painting.  They can make cute drawings, and then the drawing just dries up.  I really like this activity . Smile


Fun with cars!

Sometimes we’ve made car cities on the patio with masking tape.  You could use sidewalk chalk too, but this is less messy.  They can crawl all over the city, driving the cars around, and not get chalk all over their clothes.


They even made a ramp for car races, and used a tub of water for a “car wash.”  I put a shade tent up to keep them out of the sun.  They thought that was pretty cool too.



The “car wash” tub soon turned into a mini splash pool.


Any room in there for me too?  This little yard and mini pool is pretty fun, but I have to say, I’m pretty excited for the big pools to open soon!  Smile