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More Easter Activities!

A few more Easter ideas for you!  If you like these printables please go to the Angel Street Kids Facebook Page and click “LIKE.”  I will keep you posted on new stuff!

I created these little Easter designs to use as Cupcake toppers and/or table confetti.

These little baskets are easy-shmeasy to make, then just fill them with your favorite Easter candy!  Perfect as a table setting decoration, party favor, or gift!  Enjoy! ;)

Reading Around the World

These reading encouragement activities are great to use at school or at home to make reading extra fun for your kiddos!

Paper people are back!  Just color and cut out the kids, then do the same with each costume.  Have fun dressing the kids in cultural folk costumes from around the world!

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This is an 8 week reading tracking chart!  Great for the upcoming summer reading programs!

…and a little book report form.

And of course, your kids will need some book marks for all that reading! ;)

Be sure to check out your local library to learn more about our amazing world!

Christmas Printables!

The season is officially here!  I created these printables in preparation for the cold snowy days when the kids like to sit around coloring.  (By the way, coloring printables goes great with hot chocolate and a warm fire nearby.)

One more thing, for those of you that live in warm places in December, what kind of Christmas decor and printables are you looking for?  A friend in California once told me she likes to decorate with snowflakes even in the warm weather.  How do you celebrate and decorate?

Click HERE to print all of the coloring pages, or click on each image to print individually.

Mother’s Day!

Wondering what to do for Grandma for Mother’s Day? 

This is a really fun thing for kids to do at home or at school.  Kids love to decorate cookies and they love it even better when they get to present it to someone they love.

Just cut out the ‘Grandma Recipe’ and paper cookies.  You could use the recipe card to write a sweet note on the back, or just use these as embellishments to decorate a plate or bag filled with your grandma’s favorite treat.  Even if your sweet grandma can’t have sweets, you could still use these to decorate a cute gift bag or Mother’s Day card.

Click on either the Grandma set or the Mom set to print out the full-size PDF.

BTW-I don’t really bake cookies a whole lot.  It takes too much time!  So if you’re a fabulous dessert maker, go make something that will knock grandma’s socks off!  If you’re a not-so good dessert-baker, like me, and like to save time, there are several different things you can do and still give a little homemade touch.  You can buy sugar cookie dough already made, or even the already baked plain sugar cookies, and then just frost and decorate them.