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Make Beautiful Snowflakes! It’s SO easy!


While a huge blizzard of snow was coming down today, the kids and I pretty much made a snow flurry inside as well.

We’ve been making paper snowflakes all day and my floor is literally covered in snowflake confetti.

I’ve always wanted to make the perfect snowflake.  “Perfect” meaning not lopsided. Pretty is good too–I especially like those pretty 6 point ones.

The kids and I have spent a large portion of the day cutting, drawing, figuring, making messes, and making patterns.  I tried to make these as easy, clear and kid-friendly as possible.  The patterns are printed right on the paper you’ll be cutting.  No tracing, no guessing, no problem.  Each has an icon in the upper left that rates it’s difficulty level:  easy, medium or hard.

Oh, and if you’re feeling creative, I’ve included a blank pattern so you and your kids can design your own!