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Unexpected Surprise

This is not exactly what I was wishing for on Mother’s Day.


Looks like Mother Nature wanted some attention too.  It snowed like this all day yesterday, and hasn’t let up.  The storm has been going strong all day today as well.  I can hardly believe that it is May 12th, and I had to dig the winter boots and coats out of storage for my kids this morning.  I really thought we were done with snow gear for the season.


Ah well, I guess even Mother Nature gets mood swings.  Looks like my veggie starts are going to have to wait a little longer to be planted though.

Super Easy Paper Flower Pens


This is a great gift for Mother’s Day or for Teacher Appreciation Week.  These flowers look beautiful, and you will be surprised at how easy they are to make!

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First, start by printing out this template (click HERE, or on the image for the printable version).  Each sheet will make ONE flower, so print as many sheets as flowers that you want.  Don’t worry about printing on any special paper, regular printer paper is what I used and it works great…just part of what makes this SO easy.


Use watercolor paint and have your child paint to their heart’s content, right onto the template.  The paper will get buckled and the paints will smear—and that’s perfect!  (Tip:  the finished flower looks really great if you paint the largest and smallest shapes one color, and the medium shapes a contrasting color)


When the paint is dry, just cut the flower shapes out, then cut cross-hair slits in the center of each shape, right where the small circle is.


Push the shapes onto the top of a pen, from largest to smallest.  (Note:  I used black pens with lids.  I took the lids off and stuck them on the top of the pen, then attached the flowers.  This way, the pen is ready to be used, and adds a little height to the flower as well)


When all the pieces are on, I wrapped a little florist tape around the top of the pen lid, as well as underneath the flower.  This will hold the flower in place so the pieces don’t slide off (you could also add a little hot glue onto the pen tip before wrapping the tape, if you want).  Squish the upper pieces together  so they kind of form up, then squish the bottom piece down just a tad—this will make it look very flower-like.  20140508_121011

For the flower leaves, I used 1/2” green ribbon, cut to about 5 inches in length.  Just tie once, then secure it with a little hot glue under the knot.


I found these cute glass jars, and filled them with rocks and green glass stones.  Won’t these cute pen flowers look cute on the teacher’s desk, or maybe next to Mom’s computer, or by the kitchen phone?

The best part is that it is truly hand-painted, and any child will feel so proud of the end product.

The hand-painted bloom is perfect for adding the child’s touch to a beautiful gift for anyone…and it’s SO easy!


Mother’s Day Sale

Today is the last day to order these gifts to get 20% off and to also get them in time for Mother’s Day! Discount code is MOM2DAYSDEAL

Perfect Mother's Day Necklace - Floral

The phrase on this necklace is precious and timeless: “Mothers hold their child’s hand for a moment, and their heart for a lifetime.”

Don’t forget, you can print FREE matching Mother’s Day cards here!

Necklace for a wonderful mom

This necklace says: “this Mom is loved by many.”  I think it’s a very sweet reminder for any mom.  I love how my watercolor flower paintings turned out on these products.  The jewelry is sterling silver, and has a very sweet, loving message that I think any mom would appreciate.

Mother's Day Breakfast Plate

I keep thinking how great it would be to give my own mom a plate to enjoy her Mother’s Day breakfast or dinner.

Mother's DAy Apron

I love how the aprons turned out too, I’m especially loving the convenience of the pockets.  This white apron says “this Mom is loved by many.”  Wouldn’t it be so cute to have kids or grandkids sign it, or press handprints on the pockets?

(Just click here, or click on any image to order on the store)

Super Easy Mother’s Day Cards

Handmade says so much!  Even if you don’t consider yourself a crafty person, you can totally make these.  These are the easiest cards you and your kids will ever create.


This Floral Heart Mother’s Day card is already painted for you.  Just click on the image below and print it on your handy dandy color printer.  Cut it out, then write a meaningful message for your momma.  Super easy.

(Just click on the image you want, and then print it)



I left out the personal Mother’s day greetings on the card templates, so that you can customize them yourselves for your mother or grandmother, or other special mother in your life.





The kids will love these.  Whip out some paints and have the kiddos create their own finger print flowers. The stems and border are already done for you!



Just have the kids dob their cute fingers three times around each flower head.  Try using three different colors to make the card fun and bright.  Water-based paints are best – (use watercolor paints or slightly thinned acrylic craft paint)


Mom’s are busy bees…and they are also bee-utiful.  These bees are also fashioned with fingerprints.  Just print the template, cut, then dob on some fingerprints.  The bees’ stripes and eyes are already there, just press some painted fingers over the design.

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  Take time to make the mothers in your life feel special!  To view and print all the cards, click HERE.

Mother’s Day Cards for Kids to Make

I just finished making these little printable cards for Mother’s Day.  My kids are anxious to make some for their grandmas.  Enjoy! ;)

BTW, if you like these and want to see more, please go to my Angel Street Kids Facebook page and click “LIKE.”  Chat with me there and I will make sure you are up-to-date on new printables, products and more! ;)

Click on each image to see the full-size PDF, or CLICK HERE to open the multi-page PDF.

Mother’s Day!

Wondering what to do for Grandma for Mother’s Day? 

This is a really fun thing for kids to do at home or at school.  Kids love to decorate cookies and they love it even better when they get to present it to someone they love.

Just cut out the ‘Grandma Recipe’ and paper cookies.  You could use the recipe card to write a sweet note on the back, or just use these as embellishments to decorate a plate or bag filled with your grandma’s favorite treat.  Even if your sweet grandma can’t have sweets, you could still use these to decorate a cute gift bag or Mother’s Day card.

Click on either the Grandma set or the Mom set to print out the full-size PDF.

BTW-I don’t really bake cookies a whole lot.  It takes too much time!  So if you’re a fabulous dessert maker, go make something that will knock grandma’s socks off!  If you’re a not-so good dessert-baker, like me, and like to save time, there are several different things you can do and still give a little homemade touch.  You can buy sugar cookie dough already made, or even the already baked plain sugar cookies, and then just frost and decorate them.