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Cereal Jewelry

Sometimes I love snacks that are activities.


When food is an activity, snack time magically turns into an hour of entertainment for the kids and I can get a little work done in the meantime. It’s a win-win for everyone.


It’s also a great way to practice building patterns.


This curly ribbon is the best for this kind of activity.  It’s not fibery so it doesn’t get icky and soggy when the kids bite the cereal off it.  It’s also kind of stiff and textured, so it holds the cereal on really well while it’s being worked on—no precious cereal pieces slipping off while making the necklace.  To make it even more easy for the kids, I wrap clear tape around one end of the ribbon so it’s a bit smaller and pokes through the cereal a lot better.  I also tie a knot on the opposite end of the ribbon so the cereal won’t slip off when it’s pushed down.

Fun, yummy, and totally stylin’.   Smile

Rice Cereal Nest

Check out this adorable Easter treat my sister made for us!  How cute is this!  A rice cereal treat nest filled with peeps and chocolate eggs.  Love it!  Thanks Sis! ;)

She also made miniture individual nests, but those were devoured by the kids (oh, and me) before I could take a picture.

More Easter Activities!

A few more Easter ideas for you!  If you like these printables please go to the Angel Street Kids Facebook Page and click “LIKE.”  I will keep you posted on new stuff!

I created these little Easter designs to use as Cupcake toppers and/or table confetti.

These little baskets are easy-shmeasy to make, then just fill them with your favorite Easter candy!  Perfect as a table setting decoration, party favor, or gift!  Enjoy! ;)

It’s not too late for St. Patrick’s Day fun!

Okay, have you got your leprechaun footprints and pot of gold ready?  If not, print them out in my St. Patrick’s Day printables link.  Also, I just found some way cute ideas I wanted to share.  These are some really fun ideas to make the day fun for your kids–great for after school snacks or dinner’s dessert.

How cute is this!  I love these ideas!


St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Waffles by:


Love the whip cream clouds!

Ice Cream Leprechauns by:


Gold Nugget Cake by:


Snowman Pancakes

What can I say…a snowman pancake makes a person feel warm and fuzzy on a cold winter morning.

As I was about to take the milk out of the fridge for cold cereal, I noticed the canned whip cream we used a few days before.  I had a sudden stroke of breakfast inspiration, and breakfast snow people were born.  They were delicious! Especially  with blueberry syrup.  The kids were pretty happy about the menu change.  Who says you have to go outside to make a snowman?   Make a snowman in the kitchen!   ;)