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Bunny’s Easter Surprise – eBook

Bunny’s Easter Surprise is a delightful children’s eBook about the beauty of springtime and of Easter.


In the book, Bunny and his friends set off for an exciting Easter Egg hunt.


They learn very quickly that Easter is about more than just candy and goodies.


This book is a wonderful addition to your Easter library.  It is a book about the beauty of new life in Bunny’s garden.  While the book does not talk specifically about religion, it opens the door to talk to your children about the true meaning and beauty of Easter.

Find this eBook HERE.  Enjoy, and happy Easter everyone!

Rice Cereal Nest

Check out this adorable Easter treat my sister made for us!  How cute is this!  A rice cereal treat nest filled with peeps and chocolate eggs.  Love it!  Thanks Sis! ;)

She also made miniture individual nests, but those were devoured by the kids (oh, and me) before I could take a picture.