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Investigator Anne – Case #5 The Grave of the Indian Princess

Investigator Anne is on the case again!  People, it’s done!  Book #5 is finished and available for sale at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  This is a great book series for your young readers who are into early chapter books.


I’m so excited about this book and I really hope you and your kids enjoy it.

In this new book, Investigator Anne – Case #5 The Grave of the Indian Princess, the Gumshoe Crew stumbles upon a mysterious clue, or rather, a mysterious clue stumbles upon them! The kids must track back through time, and past limits, to solve this case and improve their town. The clock is ticking with the heir of a well-known state leader on their backs. In this adventure, the crew finds themselves in the middle of an historical unsolved mystery—about to be cracked.

Each of the Investigator Anne books has a very subtle science emphasis. In this book, kids will enjoy living the adventure with the Gumshoe Crew, while learning about oxidation, genealogy, and problem-solving.