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Spool Knitting


My oldest daughter got together with some friends for something called “Activity Days.”  “Activity Days” is just a planned day where the girls do something fun and oftentimes, educational.  This particular day, the girls got together for spool knitting.


I for one had never even heard of this before.  I’ve done some loom hats before with a bigger loom, but it never crossed my mind to make a mini loom out of a wooden spool and 4 little nails.  It’s brilliant.

It’s also classic.

Apparently this has been around forever, and after looking online, I’ve discovered that there are some beautiful little antique spool looms out there.


Anyway, my friend introduced Anne to this so I’m really not the teacher here, but I can tell you how it basically works.  Just nail 4 smooth nails into a wooden spool (or round wooden block with a hole in the center).  Get some yarn, or crochet thread and stick the string down the center of the spool hole.

Loop the string around each nail once from the inside, then do it again.  Once each nail has two loops, you just get a blunt needle (or my daughter used a bent paper clip) to lift the lower loop over the top of the nail.  Do this to each nail so there is only one loop left on each nail.  Then wrap a loop around each nail again and repeat the process until you have a nice little woven braid coming out of the bottom end of the spool hole.  It’s easy and fun.


Once Anne started spool knitting, she couldn’t put it down.


It was fun to see her so interesting in a project.   When she finished she had made a nice little friendship bracelet that she is very proud of.  Good job Anne!

If you’d like to try this and my instructions are way too confusing, just look up “How to Spool Knit” on YouTube.  There are some good tutorials by other people who have been doing this for a lot longer than me.  :)