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Tool Belt Father’s Day Card


This is a fun Father’s Day card that is easy enough for pretty much anyone to make.  It’s more than a card really, it’s a great Father’s Day kids craft.  Young kids may need a little help.


The “tool belt card” folds into a nice card-shape, which is great if you want to put it into an envelope.


Here’s what you’ll need:  Printouts of the two printables below, scissors, glue stick.  You could also use some crayons or markers if you want to color the card with some personal touches. *Note: you could print this on any kind of paper, but cardstock or heavy paper works best.  I used a tan-colored cardstock for the card, and gray and blue cardstock for the tools.



Just click on these pics to get to the full-size version, then print them.  Both files are attached to the link, so be sure to scroll through both pages on the link to see both the card and the tools pages.


After you print the pages, just cut out the card and the pockets.  Fold the card, accordian-style, like shown above.


Put glue on the sides and bottom edge of the pockets, like shown.


As far as the hammer loop, just put a little glue on each of the sides, like this.


Then glue the pockets and hammer loop on to the card.


After I cut out the tools, I glued them on some blue paper, and cut them out again.  I just wanted to add a little more color, but you definitely don’t have to do that if you’re not a fan of cutting.  Feel free to keep it as simple as you want to, Dad will still love it.  Smile


All finished!  The pockets are also a great place to stick a gift card into as well.


You could just print this and color them like this too, to make it more fun for the kiddos, whatever you prefer.  Just have fun!

Happy Father’s Day to all those fathers out there!