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Father’s Day Printables!

Father’s Day printables are here!  Just print these out and let your kids have loads of fun making cards and other surprises for Father’s Day.  I didn’t forget about grandpa either!  Just scroll down to find the grandpa versions.  Dad and Grandpa will love it! ;)

Click individual images to get the full-size PDF, or click HERE to print them all.

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Father’s Day Stuff for Kids to Make

Father’s Day Fun Pack

I made these little Father’s Day Printables a few years ago for a store.  I pulled it out for the big day this weekend and the kids have been working on it as a surprise for Dad.

Anne liked working on the card and ‘Dad coupons.”  She wrote things on there like “free game with the family,”  “play with Anne,” “your favorite dinner,” etc.

Mary worked on the dad certificate and wrote “DAD is the best dad in the world.” :)

Eliza colored the little crayon scribbles on the door hanger.  (Ironic, isn’t it?–It looks like a stain on the shirt illustration–so like real life Dad shirts!)

Click on the images to print the full-size PDFs