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Dinosaur Territory


The leftover glass stones and rocks from our paper flower project have made a great little habitat for our dinosaurs and plastic bugs.  Yes, the kids are in heaven.



I won’t be surprised if some fairies show up later.


It’s days like these when I get inspiration to write books like this.  If your child likes digging, dinosaurs, and mysteries, they will definitely enjoy this book!


Trip to the Dinosaur Museum

I am so in to dinosaurs lately!  They are just the most amazing creatures–so huge, so unique, so mysterious…

Our trip to a local Dinosaur Museum was fascinating and inspiring…so of course I’ve been designing new products.

This Angel Street Kids bag is new and ferocious! (BTW, Dino bags available for pre-order now! Click here)

…and has a matching dinosaur lunchbox

…and a dinosaur t-shirt

Do you know any little boy who doesn’t love dinosaurs?  Here’s Dinosaur Territory

I wasn’t sure how my girls would feel about dinosaurs, but they totally loved the dinosaur museum!

I was amazed at every fossil and dino model!  They are so much bigger than I imagine and it’s amazing to think of these enormous creatures roaming around so long ago.

Dinosaurs are some of those creatures that can be portrayed as ferocious, big boy cool, or just plain cute.  Here are some cute prehistoric pals.  Say hello to Angel Street’s new pals, Woolly and Saber

…and their friend, Doc, the Long-Necked Dinosaur (or to be absolutely correct, he’d be called Diplodocus, according to the museum)

The museum had  the sandbox of all sandboxes!  It was a giant sand-filled winding cement table with flowing water and tons of mini toy dinosaurs and plants. 

We spent over an hour in just this area creating all kinds of dinosaur islands and waterways. 

It was a kid’s heaven. 

I’m dying to go back to the museum!  One day was just not enough!