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NEW! Bunny’s Easter Surprise (eBook)


This little Easter book was so much fun to create.  This fluffy bunny finds meaning in Easter when he sets out on an Easter egg hunt and finds a bird nest. Click on the pic, or check it out here.

New Easter Printables!

I just finished creating these new Free Easter printables!  Click the images to view and print the full-size PDF!  If you like these printables, please go to the Angel Street Kids Facebook page and click “LIKE” to become a fan.  I post through that page and would love to hear from you there!  I’ll keep you updated on new free printables, sales on Angel Street Products, and lots more stuff!



Welcome Bunny Rabbits

Meet Chester.

Meet Marshmallow.

Here’s Molly…

…and Beatrix

…and now I’ll introduce you to our newest rabbit, Jack. (Short for Jack Frost.  The kids named him this since he came to us on a snowy day about 3 weeks ago).

Jack, Chester, Marshmallow, Molly and Beatrix, are just a few of the MANY rabbits that have come to our house since last Fall.

Here’s our bunny story…

Last Fall hundreds of rabbits were loose in the neighborhood.  (To make a long story short, let’s just say a local rabbit farm, plus an animal rights group, equals a lot of loose bunnies).  

When we heard about what happened we thought we’d keep a look out for rabbits–and we even put some carrots and rabbit food out in the backyard.  We knew the little baby bunnies wouldn’t survive the winter that was quickly approaching, so we figured we should help find them a home.

Well, the carrots worked!  I don’t even know where the rabbit farm is, but we found bunnies in our backyard for weeks!

We had been digging a little trench for a water drain, and many mornings we would come out to find bunnies snuggled up in it.  It was so much fun!  A lot of them were just babies and sometimes we would find 3 or more huddled up together.  Once Anne found 6 together!

We called the farmer to see if he wanted them back, but said he couldn’t take them back because of certification reasons and stuff.  So we very quickly became the neighborhood “Free Bunny Adoption Center.”

We put up a large play pen and the kids loved climbing in and playing with the bunnies.

This one was Eliza’s favorite (and mine)…

We started learning a lot about these cute little creatures.

Did you know that rabbits can be house trained?  Yes, with just a litter box and a little practice, you can confidently keep a rabbit indoors.

We checked out a lot of books from the library and Anne did a report on bunnies for her class.

Did you know that two United States presidents had pet rabbits? (Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy)

The Flemish Giant breed of rabbit is the largest kind of rabbit and can grow to 20 plus pounds!  The smallest breed is the Dutch Dwarf and can weigh only 2 pounds.

We made a chart for the report too, and Anne kept a tally of how many bunnies we found.

Thirty-two rabbits was the total at the time of the report, but the number grew to be well over forty!

Why do rabbits wiggle their noses?  It’s not just for smelling, they also communicate with all that wiggling.  If the rabbit is scared, the wiggling gets faster.  If the rabbit is calm, the wiggling will be very slow, and sometimes nearly stop.

So what did we do with all those rabbits?  Well, lets just say we have a lot of friends and neighbors who are now proud owners of pet bunnies.

And of course, WE still have some bunnies…and every once in a while we find more.

Last Fall, we kept the bunnies in the garage.  But they needed a better place, so Mark and I designed a little bunny hutch–or, as my father-in-law likes to call it, the “Bunny Hotel.” 

Mr. Everything deciphered my little design (and did all that number figuring stuff again)…

…and then started the cutting and creating…

…constructing…and shingles…


…and the final result is AMAZING!

Three-quarter view.

And the back.

(Mr. Everything, you are SO amazing!)  Hope you like your new home bunnies!

 These little bunnies remind me of the timeless classic childrens stories, and it kinda feels like we’ve been living in one of those stories–like Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit.

Or H.A. Rey’s Curious George books.

So this is our own little bunny story.  And when the bunnies start multiplying, there will be another chapter.  I’ll keep you posted. ;)