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Investigator Anne – Case #2 Sneaky Sneakers on KINDLE

It’s here!   My book, Investigator Anne – Case #2 Sneaky Sneakers, has just been released on Amazon for the Kindle!  Find the Kindle version HERE! Previously available only for Nook, I’m pleased that this is now available for Kindle.  I LOVE how this looks on the Kindle!  (Books #3 and #4 will be released for Kindle over the next two weeks)


In this book, Anne and her Gumshoe Crew friends discover a mystery involving the disappearance of shoes around town.  Mary’s favorite glow-in-the-dark sneakers are gone, as well as Mr. Treadwell’s army boot, Gizmo’s favorite tennis shoe, and lots of others.  Mom thinks it’s a matter of irresponsibility, until her own shoe goes missing.  Anne and her friends use creative and inventive ways to find the sneaky, and unlikely, culprit.  Their efforts lead them on a great chase through the city, and an unforgettable adventure.


This story began in my mind after we had some of our own sneaky sneakers disappearing from our house.  With five kids, and ten little feet, we seem to have a lot of shoe mysteries and are constantly looking for all of those sneaky shoes.


The Investigator Anne series has a subtle science emphasis.  In this book the kids learn about friction.  There is a fun friction science experiment idea at the end of the book that kids can try at home, as well as a glossary of words to learn and know.

Being a very visual person myself, I feel like kids need more pictures in early chapter book readers.  While they are adjusting from reading picture books to reading their own chapter books, I think pictures help to break up the large and intimidating word wall, and helps them keep looking forward to the next page.  The Investigator Anne books are packed with fun and bright illustrations.

I loved writing this book with my husband, and I’ve loved illustrating it.  Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did creating it!


Here are some great reviews from some B&N readers: (BTW, thanks for all your great reviews, I really appreciate your comments and feedback!)


“We are big fans of Investigator Anne at our house. I bought the first book when it came out, and we absolutely love this one too. This one has a cute plot and an unexpected ending. The characters are all very curious and creative and they learn about science concepts in a subtle way throughout the book. I think it is very well done and we are anxious for more! FYI, this is not an advanced chapter book. This is a perfect book for kids who are just getting in to lengthier readers. :)”



“I bought this for my daughter. My son saw it and read it too. They both loved it. There is a science experiment idea at the end. We’ve been making “Hover crafts” today for our homeschool science assignment on friction. I highly recommend this for any child.”



“This book is an early chapter reader for kids who are just starting to get into longer books–about ages 6-8, depending on the child’s reading level. So it’s not a book that is 300 pages long, this one is about 80 pages. My kids love it because it has a fun story and it has a picture on every page. My kids are still learning to read and get really overwhelmed with a page full of text. It helps so much to have a picture on every page to keep them interested. The story is really cute and the characters are nice, imaginative, creative, and caring. A good book for kids in a culture that is moving away from those qualities. My family can’t wait for more!”


Investigator Anne for KINDLE!

Woohoo!  I’m so excited to announce that we will be releasing my Investigator Anne books on Amazon.com!

The first book, “Investigator Anne – Case #1 Timeless Treasure Lost” is NOW AVAILABLE for Kindle!  This book has been on the top ten list in it’s age category on Barnes & Noble Nook books for the past 2 years.  I’m thrilled that it will now be available for Kindle readers too.  Please go buy this book if you haven’t already.  I appreciate any positive reviews too!  Click HERE to look inside the book at the Kindle store.


One book in the series will be released each week for the next four weeks.  Watch for “Investigator Anne – Case#2 Sneaky Sneakers” at the Kindle store next week.


Thank you, everyone, for your support and great feedback.  I couldn’t do this without you!  I hope you and your kids continue to enjoy these books.  There are many more ideas in my head, and the next book is always in the works.  I’m looking forward to the release of Case #5 and will keep you updated on my progress.

NEW! Bunny’s Easter Surprise (eBook)


This little Easter book was so much fun to create.  This fluffy bunny finds meaning in Easter when he sets out on an Easter egg hunt and finds a bird nest. Click on the pic, or check it out here.

New eBooks by Angel Street!

I’m so excited!  My two new eBooks are now available for sale online at Barnes and Noble.  Just click here or click on the pics to find out more.


One Amazing World was SO much fun to work on.  This book takes a peek into a child’s sense of the natural and beautiful world.  I loved creating the story and illustrations, and exploring the world in a child-like way.


Counting Bugs is a cute and bright little preschool book.  It helps your little kiddos practice those important skills like counting, colors, and shape recognition.  The bugs may look familiar.  These little guys are pretty popular.  You can also find these friendly bugs in wall decals and backpacks.


Just a reminder

These eBooks are compatible with any PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Nook, Nook Color, any smart phone, and any Android devices. Just check out this info to download the free eBook software to make it work for whichever computer or device you have: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/free-nook-apps/379002321

(*Also, some of our friends across the pond have asked about purchasing internationally. No worries, countries are no boundaries. Barnes and Noble can sell worldwide and currency is not a problem.)

Cereal Jewelry

Sometimes I love snacks that are activities.


When food is an activity, snack time magically turns into an hour of entertainment for the kids and I can get a little work done in the meantime. It’s a win-win for everyone.


It’s also a great way to practice building patterns.


This curly ribbon is the best for this kind of activity.  It’s not fibery so it doesn’t get icky and soggy when the kids bite the cereal off it.  It’s also kind of stiff and textured, so it holds the cereal on really well while it’s being worked on—no precious cereal pieces slipping off while making the necklace.  To make it even more easy for the kids, I wrap clear tape around one end of the ribbon so it’s a bit smaller and pokes through the cereal a lot better.  I also tie a knot on the opposite end of the ribbon so the cereal won’t slip off when it’s pushed down.

Fun, yummy, and totally stylin’.   Smile

The Other Identity

Yesterday I talked a bit about Disney’s Happy Monster Band.

The musical talent behind that fun series is a group of extremely creative people who also tour under the name of Tally Hall.  If you didn’t know that before, you certainly wouldn’t guess it.  Tally Hall has a different kind of rock sound that is just awesome.  Mark and I were lucky enough to hang out with the band at a small concert in July.


VIP seating and everything.  Smile


Check out this sweet seat. We got to chill with friends in our own little elevated corner of the Velour concert room. It was awesome.

How did we get our awesome VIP seating, you ask?

Because we are so very important of course . . .


. . . and we had $20.


But anyway, the concert was incredible.  The sound, the instruments, the voices, all so good.  Seriously had so much fun and even got to chat with the band after.  They treated us like long time friends.

Check out their music here, or go to the Tally Hall Website.

Their opening bands were incredible as well.  We’ve been to a few concerts this summer and this one was by far the best one—the most entertaining, best personalities, best sound, and best opening bands.  Definitely a big thumbs up.  Just LOVED it.

The opening bands:

Check out Casey Shea’s music here.  His music is great and he’s also hilarious. 263344_2091868735417_1206219448_32142597_3132593_n

That’s him in the center there.


Also, this other young band called SPEAK played and blew us away as well. Great music guys!  Check out their music here, or on the SPEAK Website.

. . . . .

BTW, Thanks Linsey for these pics!

Speaking of Monsters . . .

Has your little monster ever had a meltdown?  This one’s for you . . . ‘cause even monsters cry sometimes . . .

Click the pic to see the Disney Junior Happy Monster Band music video, “Even Monsters Cry Sometimes.”


The creators of this musically creative short are incredibly talented.  The Happy Monster Band episodes are the most run, most popular shorts on Disney Junior.  What most people don’t know is that behind those monsters are the voices and talent of (in my opinion) some of the world’s best musicians.  Anyone know who?  Mark and I got to hang out with them at a concert under their *other* identity.  Sound mysterious?  Yes.  Stay tuned . . .

Meanwhile, check out the Angel Street Kids Monster bags. Smile



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Our Deluxe size bags are perfect for the early elementary school goers, not too big and not too small.


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Father’s Day Printables!

Father’s Day printables are here!  Just print these out and let your kids have loads of fun making cards and other surprises for Father’s Day.  I didn’t forget about grandpa either!  Just scroll down to find the grandpa versions.  Dad and Grandpa will love it! ;)

Click individual images to get the full-size PDF, or click HERE to print them all.

(Oh, and remember to LIKE Angel Street Kids Facebook page to get updates on the newest stuff!)



NEW eBook! Investigator Anne

I’m SO excited!  My first eBook is now available on Barnes&Noble.com.  Mark and I wrote the book together, and I illustrated it.

You might have guessed it.  This book is totally inspired by my oldest daughter, Anne.

Sometimes we really do call her “Investigator Anne,”  especially when there’s a case to be solved…like a missing ballet slipper.

…Or when there’s mysterious rabbit tracks in the backyard.

Or when a ball has been missing from the wacky popper toy for months…

Here she is decoding the secret message for a geo-cache box location.

She even has a “Case Book.”  This is the page where she wrote down her ideas about capillary action.

This page is about the case of a missing shoe.  No, not the ballet slipper, a different shoe.  We have a lot of missing shoe cases like that. :)

Whatever the case, Anne’s there to scope it out.

I made this “Investigator Kit” for her one Christmas.  It’s got all the clue-solving essentials.

Here she is studying the facts on an old pocket pc.  She has pictures of animals, animal tracks, and science charts on there.
Since we have so many mysteries around here, Anne stays pretty busy.

So back to the eBook.

This idea has been mulling in my head for quite awhile.  Mark and I had so much fun writing it and I loved illustrating it.  This book is a beginning level chapter book for young readers who are ready for their first chapter books.

Here’s a little sneak peak at a few other pages in the book…

There is a subtle science emphasis as “Investigator Anne” and her friends look for clues to find her mom’s missing watch.  The kids discover science around them while they work together to solve problems and develop ideas.

Find this book on sale, exclusively at Barnes&Noble.com.