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Getting Flashbacks


Except for the red hair, this is pretty much a flash back moment.  Yes, this illustration is flashing me back to my good old college days.  I always had paint on my cheek, and all over my art smock.  In my early married days we lived in a small apartment.  I had a small painting space to work in, so when I was working on large paintings, I’d turn some binoculars backwards so that I could “back up” in a way and see my paintings from a distance.  I’d use a small ladder to reach the top of the painting.  I had a habit of turning the paintbrush backwards and scratching the top of my head with the end of it, so I would often get paint strokes on the ceiling.  There were always smudges of paint on the phone and the doorknobs.


This character is an important key in the solving of the newest case for the Gumshoe Crew.  I am getting so close to finishing the illustrations for the new Investigator Anne book, “Case #5 – The Grave of the Indian Princess.”  I just finished illustration #84 out of about 100.  Hoping to do some more tonight.  (I’ve got to go out and weed my garden in the meantime though.  Planting time is coming!)

Kids Creations – Happy Earth Day!

My kids have an Earth Day art contest at school today!  These are their beautiful entries that they submitted yesterday. These paintings are each created on the backs of cereal box cardboard, in honor of recycling and preserving this beautiful place where we all live.


Congratulations to Eliza!  Her class already voted yesterday and she won the art award in her class!


I love all the details the kids put into these, and the textures are beautiful.


Anne and Mary’s classes will vote today on their class art winners, so we’ll see how they do as far as the prize goes.  As far as I’m concerned, these paintings are SO beautiful and I’m so proud of their work and creativity!

Cookin’ Up Some Cuteness


She’s got the oven mit on.  My daughter is about to make a scrumptious meal.  No biggie, she’s quite a good cook.


Check out the cute kitchen I made for her birthday.  I’m super thrilled with the way it turned out.  But first…


The “before” pictures.  I found this winning cabinet at the local Goodwill for just $8.  It even has wheels on the bottom, which I was pretty thrilled about.


Mr. Everything helped me cut a hole in the top for the sink (a silver bowl).


I used Annie Sloan chalk paint (Provence color) to paint the cabinet, plus a homemade mix of gray, and the off-white color is Country Grey.  I bought the small silver bowl at Walmart for $5, and the utility faucet on the clearance shelf at Home Depot for $15.


The stove burners are furniture Sliders and the stove knobs are painted wooden drawer pulls.  We drilled the holes slightly too big so that the knobs can twist and rotate, like the knobs on a stove.


Mr. Everything also helped me drill those holes in the side so Brother can pretend to fix Em’s kitchen with his cool tools and toy power drill.


A few weeks later I found the taller cabinet and painted it to make it into her toy fridge.  It was the perfect size!


I love the fridge handle, a lift-up pull!  Perfect.


I just love how this kitchen set turned out, and love that my Em enjoys it so much.  But enough of my creative drabblings…it’s dinner time with Miss Em.  She’s cookin’ up something good.

Go Back to School in Style!

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Reading Around the World

These reading encouragement activities are great to use at school or at home to make reading extra fun for your kiddos!

Paper people are back!  Just color and cut out the kids, then do the same with each costume.  Have fun dressing the kids in cultural folk costumes from around the world!

Add an Image

This is an 8 week reading tracking chart!  Great for the upcoming summer reading programs!

…and a little book report form.

And of course, your kids will need some book marks for all that reading! ;)

Be sure to check out your local library to learn more about our amazing world!

Mermaid Wall Art is now available!

Some of my girls have told me on separate occasions that they’d like to be a mermaid.

“But not a shell mermaid mom.  No shell things.  I want to be a modest mermaid.”

(Yes, they really DO say that.)

So I just had to create some mermaid decals!  Have you ever met a modest mermaid?  Well here you go.  My review team just gave it 5 stars (or 5 starfish) and my new daughter-approved Mermaid Wall Decals are now available at www.IStickUp.com.  Click the images for more details!

As always, these decals are easy to apply, remove, and reuse!  Printed on premium Photo-Tex material!  Perfect for your little mermaid fan.

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New Dinosaur Wall Art!

My new dino art is now available at IStickUP! (I totally want one for my son’s room!)

On sale now!  Click the images to see more!

These wall stickers are NOT your average wall decal!  IStickUP makes their decals from Premium Quality Photo-Tex Material.  Ya, it’s material, as in fabric!  It is very durable, tear and wrinkle resistant, and oh-so-easy to use.  They come off completely with ease and without leaving even a spec of residue or gunk on your walls.  They are easy to stick and re-stick.

These are also MUCH larger than your average decals.  Available in two sizes:  60″x40″ or 42″x28″

Festival of Trees

This year was the 40th anniversary of the Festival of Trees in our community.

The Festival Board President has asked me to design the Festival of Trees  pins for the last four years and I  have loved being an itsy bitsy teeny weeny part of this amazing event.

The festival is a fun tradition as well as an amazing fundraiser for a children’s hospital.  Kind-hearted and generous people decorate and donate the most amazing trees and then they are sold at auction during the first day of the festival.  Often times, the trees end up selling for thousands of dollars!  The trees are amazing and range from elegant, whimsical, rustic, heroic, and just beautiful.  Here are some of our family’s favorites this year. (Get ready for visual overload!)


The Candy Tree.  Sweet!


The Fairy and Gnome Tree.  Very creative.


The Tire Tree.  Unusual and fun!

Cowboy Western Tree.  Loved this one!


M&M tree.  Very cute.


Elegant Pink and Purple tree.  Most of these trees are dedicated to children in the hospital.  This one was dedicated to a beautiful baby girl.


Traditional Elegance.  I’d love this one in my home!


Winnie the Pooh.  Classic character.


Spider Man Tree.  Dedicated to a little boy who loves Spiderman.  Very cool.


Surfin’ Santa Tree.  This one takes the cake!  I personally give this one the award for most creative!  The creators of this tree curved and shaped a row of blue trees to look like a wave.  The trees were loaded with ocean life ornaments, elves, and of course, Surfin’ Santa.  We had to stare at this one for a whole 20 minutes solid.


Along with the trees, thousands of people donate handmade quilts, wreaths, goodies, crafts, and other items that are sold to raise money for the children’s hospital.  There are also performance groups, activities, bake shops, and more things to look at than you can ever get through in one night. ;)

Snowman Pancakes

What can I say…a snowman pancake makes a person feel warm and fuzzy on a cold winter morning.

As I was about to take the milk out of the fridge for cold cereal, I noticed the canned whip cream we used a few days before.  I had a sudden stroke of breakfast inspiration, and breakfast snow people were born.  They were delicious! Especially  with blueberry syrup.  The kids were pretty happy about the menu change.  Who says you have to go outside to make a snowman?   Make a snowman in the kitchen!   ;)

New Crayons

Well, sort of new.

“Don’t take the papers off the crayons!” That was my echo.  I don’t know why taking the paper off crayons seems to be so fun for kids.  It’s seems like all my kids have gone through a crayon-peeling phaze at one point or another.  It’s like the second they come in the house they have to take their socks off.  The second the crayons are out, they have to take the papers off.  I don’t get it.  Well, this activity was great for my little crayon peelers.  For the first time ever I told the kids to go at it and take all the papers off the old crayons.  It was kid heaven.  Or at least kid crayon heaven.

I helped them with the  papers of course.  It can be a tad tedious.

After that we separated the crayons into like colors, or colors that would blend well together.  Then we broke them up into tiny pieces.

These little silicone trays are the best!  So nice, and I love the bright colors.  This one is actually a baking tray, but I’ve heard of other people using silicone ice cube trays for this and that works too.  It just works best to keep the shapes simple.  FYI:  Some of the colors do stain the silicone.  If you try this, I’d recommend using some trays that you plan on using just for crafts.

We placed the crayon tray on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven at 275 degrees for about 20 minutes.  (If you try this, be sure to watch the oven and take out the tray whenever the crayons are all melted.  It may take more or less than 20 minutes, depending on your oven, the shapes, and the  amount of crayons in them.)

I used a toothpick to swirl some of them.

Let it cool for about 15 minutes on a cooling rack, then put the tray in the refrigerator until the crayons have completely hardened.  Here’s the result!  Our NEW crayons!

So bright and colorful! Love it.

We melted these ones in a muffin tin lined with cupcake papers.  It was kind of hard to get the paper off, and the pan was still hard to clean.  I definitely would rather use silicone trays for this activity, even if they do stain.

Next time I think it would be fun to try layered crayons, kind of like layered Jello.  I’d just have to melt each color separately in the microwave on low, pour into a shape tray, let it set and harden, then add successive layers the same way.  Wouldn’t that be just ‘kewl?’ ;)