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Cereal Jewelry

Sometimes I love snacks that are activities.


When food is an activity, snack time magically turns into an hour of entertainment for the kids and I can get a little work done in the meantime. It’s a win-win for everyone.


It’s also a great way to practice building patterns.


This curly ribbon is the best for this kind of activity.  It’s not fibery so it doesn’t get icky and soggy when the kids bite the cereal off it.  It’s also kind of stiff and textured, so it holds the cereal on really well while it’s being worked on—no precious cereal pieces slipping off while making the necklace.  To make it even more easy for the kids, I wrap clear tape around one end of the ribbon so it’s a bit smaller and pokes through the cereal a lot better.  I also tie a knot on the opposite end of the ribbon so the cereal won’t slip off when it’s pushed down.

Fun, yummy, and totally stylin’.   Smile

Gnomeo & Juliet (the start of the beginning)

Before Gnomeo and Juliet . . .

My mom has always loved and collected fairies and gnomes for her backyard “fairy garden.”

Did I mention she’s English? Well, naturally she has an English garden, and my kids adore it!




Each year she has my kids help her place all the little fairies, gnomes, frogs and creatures in the garden. It’s a favored and enchanting tradition to them.







They can even play a little fairy tic-tac-toe by the tulips.


NEW eBook! Investigator Anne

I’m SO excited!  My first eBook is now available on Barnes&  Mark and I wrote the book together, and I illustrated it.

You might have guessed it.  This book is totally inspired by my oldest daughter, Anne.

Sometimes we really do call her “Investigator Anne,”  especially when there’s a case to be solved…like a missing ballet slipper.

…Or when there’s mysterious rabbit tracks in the backyard.

Or when a ball has been missing from the wacky popper toy for months…

Here she is decoding the secret message for a geo-cache box location.

She even has a “Case Book.”  This is the page where she wrote down her ideas about capillary action.

This page is about the case of a missing shoe.  No, not the ballet slipper, a different shoe.  We have a lot of missing shoe cases like that. :)

Whatever the case, Anne’s there to scope it out.

I made this “Investigator Kit” for her one Christmas.  It’s got all the clue-solving essentials.

Here she is studying the facts on an old pocket pc.  She has pictures of animals, animal tracks, and science charts on there.
Since we have so many mysteries around here, Anne stays pretty busy.

So back to the eBook.

This idea has been mulling in my head for quite awhile.  Mark and I had so much fun writing it and I loved illustrating it.  This book is a beginning level chapter book for young readers who are ready for their first chapter books.

Here’s a little sneak peak at a few other pages in the book…

There is a subtle science emphasis as “Investigator Anne” and her friends look for clues to find her mom’s missing watch.  The kids discover science around them while they work together to solve problems and develop ideas.

Find this book on sale, exclusively at Barnes&

Easter Bows

I’ve been learning how to make more hair bows.  These cute little flower clips are easy-peasy and oh so pretty.

To make these bow you actually singe the edges slightly.  Hot glue the shapes together, add a pearl or gem, and put a clip on the back.  It was fast and easy.  Learn more here: (I only used 3 layers to make this nice simple flower, but check out the link for more info and flowers that will just wow you!)


Rice Cereal Nest

Check out this adorable Easter treat my sister made for us!  How cute is this!  A rice cereal treat nest filled with peeps and chocolate eggs.  Love it!  Thanks Sis! ;)

She also made miniture individual nests, but those were devoured by the kids (oh, and me) before I could take a picture.

More Easter Activities!

A few more Easter ideas for you!  If you like these printables please go to the Angel Street Kids Facebook Page and click “LIKE.”  I will keep you posted on new stuff!

I created these little Easter designs to use as Cupcake toppers and/or table confetti.

These little baskets are easy-shmeasy to make, then just fill them with your favorite Easter candy!  Perfect as a table setting decoration, party favor, or gift!  Enjoy! ;)

New Easter Printables!

I just finished creating these new Free Easter printables!  Click the images to view and print the full-size PDF!  If you like these printables, please go to the Angel Street Kids Facebook page and click “LIKE” to become a fan.  I post through that page and would love to hear from you there!  I’ll keep you updated on new free printables, sales on Angel Street Products, and lots more stuff!



April Fools…

Tomorrow is April 1st…April Fool’s Day!  My daughter has been whispering her little tricky plans to me the last few days–you know, like putting a rubber band around the sink hose nozzle so Dad will get sprayed when he turns the tap on, and putting a plastic creature in ice for his drink.  All so silly and fun!

I found some more fun ideas.  Check out these fun ideas from Family Fun!  Just click on the images to see how to make it!

Meat loaf cupcakes! These cute little cupcakes are really meatloaf with colored mashed potatoes on top.

Tell your kids someone just invented the presliced banana! Learn how to slice a banana without peeling it and wow your family! (I’m definitely trying this one!)

Fish Stick, a kid’s favorite!  But these will surprise them! These fish sticks and veggies are really cornflake covered wafers, pea-shaped airhead candy and strawberry jam!  I just can’t decide if I should make this one or…

Sweet Cashew Chicken–but it’s really dried pineapple, apples, and fruit rollups!  Haha.  So clever!  I love all these ideas…now which one to do?

See more ideas on!


Springtime Pinwheels

Make a perfect pinwheel!  No tracing or guessing! This activity is fun and also a great way to teach about pattern-making and shapes.

Just print out these patterns I made below on some colorful paper.  You can use any kind of paper you want– copy paper, scrapbook paper, or cardstock.  If you plan to paint patterns on the paper, it’s best to use cardstock.


These fun shapes will be cute centers for your pinwheels.

Decorate the printouts any way you like.  My kids and I chose to paint them, so we used cardstock.  You’ll need your printouts, some thumbtacks, craft paint (or crayons or stickers or whatever you want to use to decorate it) and some small-ish dowels.  The dowels I used are 3/16″ in diameter and came in a pack of 16 for about a dollar.  The thumbtacks were $.88 for a pack of 70.  Good deal!

It’s fun to find objects around the house to use as a stencil to decorate your paper.  Here I used the end of a marker for the circles, and the dots were created using the end of a pencil eraser.  Create a pattern and when it’s dry, turn it over and create a contrasting pattern.

Again, this is a fun way to teach kids about patterns and shapes.  You could come up with countless patterns to create and ways to put these together.

When your decorated printouts are finished, just follow the directions on the printout to create the pinwheel.  Tape down the corners as you go, it will make it easier.  When you are ready to stick the thumbtack in, I found it’s better to cut a hole about the size of a pencil eraser in the pinwheel and the center shape.  If the hole is bigger, the pinwheel spins a little better.  Also, don’t stick the thumbtack in too far, it needs to have a bit of space for it to spin.  I found it best to push the thumbtack through, then turn the pinwheel upside down.  Place the dowel on top and use a small hammer to push it into the wood just right.

Another Method for Those Who Are Thumbtack Phobic:

If you’re going to create these with very young children and don’t like the idea of pins, here’s another idea to make it safer for your kids.  You’ll need the same supplies as above, but you’ll also need some bendy straws.

A bendy straw fits perfectly over the 3/16″ dowels.  Slide it over the dowel and tape around the bottom so it stays in place.

On this one I fluffed the flower shape a little by cutting between each petal and folding the petals up.

Cut the holes in the pinwheel and center shapes, then slide them over the bendy part of the straw.

Cut slits in the end of the straw to make 4 strips.

You can put a button on top and pull the straw strips through to keep everything together.  Now it looks like a daffodil.

Last, just put some tape around the straw in the back to hold things in place back there.

Have fun with your pinwheels!


It’s not too late for St. Patrick’s Day fun!

Okay, have you got your leprechaun footprints and pot of gold ready?  If not, print them out in my St. Patrick’s Day printables link.  Also, I just found some way cute ideas I wanted to share.  These are some really fun ideas to make the day fun for your kids–great for after school snacks or dinner’s dessert.

How cute is this!  I love these ideas!


St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Waffles by:

Love the whip cream clouds!

Ice Cream Leprechauns by:

Gold Nugget Cake by: