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Legal Stuff

These printables are free for you to print, use at home, in a classroom, preschool, library, or other group or party.  You can copy them as many times as you want for those purposes as long as the copyright symbol, Angel Street Kids Logo, and website information are on all the pages.  These printables are copyrighted.  That means you cannot reproduce them to sell or use on your own websites, blogs, or other downloadable media.  You cannot share them on those medias even for free.  If you wish, you may put an Angel Street Mom link on your site directing viewers to these printables if you want to share them.  I create all of these printables myself.  Please do not abuse the copyrights.  Thank you! ;)

Click on an image to view each theme.  The printables will come up in a multi-page PDF format.  If you want to print a single image, you’ll just need to specify the page number when you print. ;)



4 thoughts on “Printables & Activities”

  1. I can’t wait to see the Curious George movie on Christmas Day. My sons both loved him as children and now my great-grandkids. It will be fun to watch it with them.

  2. Hi Sarah, I LOVE your site! We just released our first digital picture book app for iPad and we have a free color book on our site. Would be so happy to share it with your readers. Also do you do customer work, we are looking into producing some backpacks. Thanks again for your wonderful site and your fabulous work.. It is so inspiring.

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