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My husband and I produce eBooks through our publishing name, Angel Street Kids, available online on Amazon.com and on www.barnesandnoble.com










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  1. Hi, Sarah,

    I am writing you from Martha Speaks on PBS KIDS. Your Martha Speaks lunch for your girls couldn’t have been cuter and thanks for your kind words about the new Martha books.

    I’d like to link to your post from our Martha Speaks Facebook page tomorrow. I think our fans will really enjoy your post.

    All the best and thanks,


    WGBH National Marketing — Martha Speaks on PBS KIDS

    1. Kate,
      I’m so glad you like my post! We had so much fun with our “Martha Lunch.” Please feel free to link my blog to your “Martha” Facebook page. I will also send you a private email right away–

  2. Our publishing company is starting an ebook review site. We hope to provide parents and teachers a place to find fabulous ebooks for children of all ages. We would love to add your ebook, Investigator Anne: Timeless Treasure Lost, to our premiere line up in the elementary reader’s category.

    Our intention is to not only help the public find great books, but to encourage new authors in the market as well. You seem a perfect fit! Please email me with your response. Our site should go live before the end of the month.

    Best Wishes,

    Heather Sutherlin
    Consortium Books

  3. Hi Sarah,

    What a great site! I’m looking for the mermaid backpack you created but when I click on it, the page can’t be found. Are you still making them? I hope so since I would love to buy one.


  4. Ellissa, Thank you for your interest in my mermaid backpacks. I am actually no longer making them however. I am now focusing on children’s books. I’m in the process of liquidating my entire backpack line. The only way to get them now is to watch for them on http://www.pickyourplum.com

    They will be featured on that site for one day only within the next few weeks. I haven’t been told the exact day. Hope that helps a little! -Sarah

  5. Elissa, I just confirmed the date of the sale. http://www.pickyourplum.com will sell my products on August 16th. The deals there are posted daily at 7am MST. They sell until the products are gone, or until the time is up. The products that will be available are:
    Go Green – backpack & lunchbox
    Dragonfly – backpack & lunchbox
    Friendly Bugs – backpack & lunchbox
    Lady bug – lunchbox only
    Princess – lunchbox only
    Jurassic – lunchbox only
    Under the sea (mermaid) – backpack & lunchbox
    Dancing kitten -backpack & lunchbox
    Monster – lunchbox only
    Pirate – backpack & lunchbox

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