Mother’s Day Cards for Kids to Make

I just finished making these little printable cards for Mother’s Day.  My kids are anxious to make some for their grandmas.  Enjoy! ;)

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Click on each image to see the full-size PDF, or CLICK HERE to open the multi-page PDF.

8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Cards for Kids to Make”

  1. Sarah,

    Send me your e-mail address if you’d like a picture of my student’s darling Mother’s Day cards that they made today. (the one that says “My love grows and grows and grows for you!) They loved them and they went perfect with our Mother’s Day gift . . . a little plant for their mom.

    Thanks! They turned out adorable!

  2. I was chatting with my son’s 2nd grade teacher and I told her about these cards. Then last Friday my son came home with a few of them for me. She used them for the whole class. If you take requests… I’d sure love to see the same thing for Father’s day.

  3. Thanks for sharing these Erin! Yes, I will definitely be doing some fun Father’s Day printables and cards. I have some things already in the works, but if you think of anything you’d like to see, just let me know. ;)

  4. I am so sad that I missed these. I have bee so busy the last few months with a new job that I totally missed these for Mother’s day. Thats it, from now on I won’t skip a day checking my feed. I can’t wait for the father’s day cards. These mother’s day cards turned out so cute.

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