“PEEP and the Big Wide World”

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I had actually never seen this show before this week.  It’s described as a preschool show, but it has subtle and clever humor that has had my whole family laughing out loud for the past 3 days!  Thank you WGBH for sending this to us!

WGBH is launching a brand new season of PEEP and the Big Wide World with 25 episodes never before seen on public television!  Lucky me, I got to review this adorable, hilarious, clever and creative show.  Oh, and amidst all the giggles and snickers induced by the comical characters, this show teaches preschool science and math concepts.  But if your kids aren’t the science/math type–don’t stress.  They’ll love this, beg you to watch it, cry if they miss it….and they won’t even realize they’re learning math and science.


More Fun with PEEP!

The second I saw these cute characters, I had dreams about an orange, an eggplant and an apple.  So of course we had to make some veggie/fruit art.  This is a really fun kids craft to do for any imaginative mind.  Just get some construction paper, google eyes, pipe cleaners, and fondue skewers and let your creativity go bananas…or carrots…or eggplants…or….well, you get the idea.

For Quack’s hat I used one large marshmallow (cut in half), and one mini marshmallow, then stuck a toothpick through the center to keep it in place.

The legs are fondue skewers, painted black.  Quack’s feet are made out of construction paper, and the others have black pipe cleaner pieces for feet.


More about the Show:

(Drawings by my profile artists, Anne and Mary)

Quack (the duck),  Peep (a newly hatched chick), and Chirp (the little red robin) are the endearing trio in this cute show.  The first episode of the new season is great.  It reminded me of college.

Yes, college.

One year at college I lived in an apartment with two other roommates named Sarah.  So the three Sarah’s went by “Sarah 1,” “Sarah 2,” and “Sarah 3.”  I was the youngest, so I was “Sarah 3.”  Not cool.  I guess it’s better than “Squeenk” or “Clerp” though.

In the season’s first episode, poor Quack finds his pond has been taken over by a sassy newcomer who is also named Quack.  In the conflict between Quack versus Quack, the two try to prove the pond is theirs.  One claims the other is not a duck, but is really a “Squeenk,” and renames him “Clerp.”  Quack tries to prove he’s a duck by pointing out that he can swim.  (But so do fish!)  He says he has feathers. (But so do Peep and Chirp!)

Quack finally enlists the help of his beaver friends to build a new pond that is enticing enough to make the new Quack want to live there so he can have his home back.  During the whole Quack conflict, kids learn about similarities and differences, identifiable characteristics, and the ideal habitat for a happy duck.

But enough of my chitter chatter, here’s a word from Angel Street Kids themselves!

The new season Peep and the Big Wide World begins January 3, 2011.  Be sure to check your local listings and enjoy this big wide world with PEEP!


PEEP DVD Giveaway!

Just comment to this post and tell me what your family likes to do in the winter.  You will automatically be entered to win Peep Figures it Out.  This DVD includes 6 previous episodes in both English and Spanish.  Post a comment by 6:00pm Wednesday January 5th (Mountain Standard Time).

Winner will be chosen at random and announced Thursday, January 6th.

9 thoughts on ““PEEP and the Big Wide World””

  1. I love you’re kids activity. What a great way to reinforce the thing that were in the movie. I definitely want to see the movie after seeing you’re kid’s comments.

  2. Angel street Mom,
    What a fun activity with the fruit. You always have such good ideas. Thanks for the review of the new kids show “Peep and the Big Wide World” It looks like it will be a fun and educational series……I loved the painting your children did of the pond. They are pretty amazing too.

  3. Wow, thanks for all the information. This is a great show for little ones. You do such a good job of reviewing things for us. Thank you! I trust your judgement.

  4. they love sledding even though the only ‘hill’ in our town is really just a pile of snow the city mounds up every year! love your blog; I just wish the new Peep episodes were on here in southern WI. It looks like they’re not being carried here :(

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