“A Very Monkey Christmas”

Get out the blueberry pancakes and bananas, George is coming for breakfast!

I’ve had a fun weekend filled with Christmas parties, kids, and our favorite monkey!  Thanks to WGBH (Creators of the Curious George series) and PBS Kids who sent me this DVD screener!  This hour-long Curious George Special, “A Very Monkey Christmas,” will be airing on PBS stations Christmas Day.  That’s right, George is coming for Christmas!

(Image credit from A Very Monkey Christmas:  Curious George TM & © 2010 Universal Studios and/or HMH. All Rights Reserved)

You know that feeling you get when your very little kids come up to you with a picture they’ve drawn.  It’s adorable and sweet and you smile really big and tell them that it’s just wonderful!  In reality you aren’t sure what the drawing is, but you would never ask because you wouldn’t want your cute little artist to feel bad.  Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat  experiences this when George hands him a Christmas wish list of shapes.  Determined to be a good “monkey parent” the Man with the Yellow Hat works hard to understand George and to make George’s Christmas wish come true—whatever it is.

This movie features all of George’s friends including Hundley, Charkie, Professor Wiseman, Betsy, Bill, and even Chef Pisghetti! Each character sings a  lovable Christmas song in this gift giving adventure.  Even though it was the first time my kids saw this movie, they all tried to sing along because they loved “singing George friends.”  It was cute.

As for the kids and the movie, well, I had to call the best critics in town to review this Curious George Christmas Special with me.  They are monkey professionals.

(Oh wait.  Shhh.  The critics are reviewing right now….)

You’ll hear what the critics have to say at the end of this post in an exclusive interview.  But first…

Here’s a few ideas to make a perfect Merry Monkey Christmas breakfast for your kiddos.

Nothing says George like yellow, blue and red tableware, and balloon designed napkins are perfect.  A bowl of George’s favorite fruit makes a great side dish as well as a great monkey centerpiece.

The yellow hat is a must have!  (I was pretty giddy when I got this stroke of inspiration walking by the paper plates in the grocery store).  Just get a yellow paper cup and a yellow paper dessert plate.  Stick black electrician’s tape around the brim of the cup and turn it upside down on the plate, like this.

It’s so easy.

It’s so cute.

It’s so yellow!

The Man with the Yellow Hat would be proud!

Next thing.  We all know George LOVES blueberry pancakes, and the kids love ‘em too.    Don’t do this from scratch!  Make your Christmas morning relaxing!  My favorite recipe for blueberry pancakes is called blueberry muffin mix.  Look for a muffin mix that has a pancake recipe on the side.  (Don’t forget blueberry syrup and whip cream to top it off!)

You can find these cute Curious George printables HERE on www.PBSkids.org.  Print out and color with markers.  Get an empty paper towel tube and cut it into 1/2 inch rings to attatch to the cutouts so they stand up.  The table confetti can be found HERE on www.PBSkids.org.

And now, my little movie critics, what was your favorite part of the movie “A Very Monkey Christmas?”

And there you have it.  We give this show an official two thumbs up!  (Or if you’re a monkey, make that four thumbs up!)

Don’t forget to check out your PBS Station’s local listings for Curious George’s “A Very Monkey Christmas,”  airing on Christmas Day!  Enjoy breakfast with George and have a merry monkey Christmas!


Curious George Giveaway!

Because It’s Christmas time.

Because I love Curious George.

Because your kids will love it too.

I’m doing a Curious George giveaway!

Just comment to this post and tell me what you love about Curious George.  You will automatically be entered to win Curious George 2:  Follow That Monkey! Post your comment by 10pm Wednesday (Mountain Standard Time).  Winner will be chosen at random and announced Thursday.

Just so you know, I own this movie and my family loves it.  It’s been viewed so many times a monkey can’t count how many!  This is something I’m doing just for fun and will personally pay for the winner’s DVD and shipping.  Be sure to check back Thursday to claim your prize!

12 thoughts on ““A Very Monkey Christmas””

  1. I really enjoy your blog and your fun things to do with Curious George. My grandchildren LOVE him; I just enjoy how innocent he is. He isn’t ever trying to get in trouble – it just happens – sort of like my grandchildren! We will watch the show for sure!

  2. You are amazing! I love the hats, yes the Man in the yellow hat would be proud of you!
    Thanks for the review
    I love watching Curious George with my grandchildren.

  3. I absolutely love Curious George! I remember reading it as a little girl and HAD to see the movie when it came out! The movie is endearing and relatable to children (of all ages). Although I have no children I would show any Curious George movies to nieces, nephews and yes even complete strangers! Thank you so much for your blog! Keep up the good work!

  4. I love Curious George because he reminds me of my kids when they were around 2-4 years old. I have a 3-year-old right now and he is curious and precocious just like George. I also love that they learn a little bit of science!

  5. What a great idea! Curious George is great for kids. I’m glad to see a review by kids themselves. Should this go to Hollywood? Maybe they would make more kid and family friendly movies.

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