Let the Races Begin!

We went to the park this morning.  I knew it would be hot today, so we went early to beat the heat.  Maybe we went a little too early, because I think a few of my kids were still half asleep—but after a day of cleaning yesterday, I wanted to do something outside.  The kids were still a little too tired to play tag.  We took some art supplies to sketch with and things like that,  but they weren’t in the mood for sketching.   So this is what happened next…It’s a home-made genuine Roly Poly Race Track!  *I love it!*


The kids spent some time searching for bugs and spent the next hour playing with them and racing them on the “track.”

I loved this idea, so of course I came home and made a printable Roly Poly Race Track just for fun.  Here you go!  Hope your kiddos enjoy being outside with Roly Poly’s today.

(Just click on the image to open the full-size version for printing)



This is the track all printed out, and in the beginning stages of my daughter coloring it.



This is how the folds should look.  There are dotted lines on the printable to indicate where to make the folds, so just make sure the bug stadium stands are folded like this—kinda like upside down V’s.  Happy racing!