Homemade Car City


Today we decided to do an activity that my little boy would love.  Too many times my 4 girls are doing very girly crafts.  I decided it was high time they made something that my boy would love to do too.DSC08292

We started by getting a poster board for each child.  Each poster was each child’s city.  We taped off the spaces for the roads, making sure that all the roads connected to the other poster boards.  .DSC08291

We used paint color sample cards for the parking lots, and printed some clip art to use for the buildings, parks, stores, etc. in each city.  Each city was built with it’s own unique style and flare.  Some had pet stores, candy store, toy stores, etc.  They also made bike trails and parks and schools too.


My little boy was pretty thrilled with this activity.


Here are all the cities attached together.

I loved this activity because it made the kids think and problem-solve each road and space, as well as having to be creative.  I love projects like this, that the kids will spend several hours creating, and then spend days playing with.  It’s definitely worth a few dollars in poster board and tape.  My 1-year-old, however liked to play the part of natural disasters in the cities, by tearing the pictures off.  I’m thinking it would be a good idea to get it laminated.  But all-in-all, this was a fun activity.

Book Nook

Where is your kids’ favorite place to read?



I’ve caught my kids reading in countless places.  This one was pretty unique though.  I love that they love to read…no matter where it may be.

Right now I have several kids reading at different levels.  One of them loves to read non-fiction nature books.  I have another child who just started the Harry Potter series for the first time.  She started three weeks ago and is nearly done with book 5!  It’s always so fun to see my kids get into a series.

What do your kids like to read?