Cereal Jewelry

Sometimes I love snacks that are activities.


When food is an activity, snack time magically turns into an hour of entertainment for the kids and I can get a little work done in the meantime. It’s a win-win for everyone.


It’s also a great way to practice building patterns.


This curly ribbon is the best for this kind of activity.  It’s not fibery so it doesn’t get icky and soggy when the kids bite the cereal off it.  It’s also kind of stiff and textured, so it holds the cereal on really well while it’s being worked on—no precious cereal pieces slipping off while making the necklace.  To make it even more easy for the kids, I wrap clear tape around one end of the ribbon so it’s a bit smaller and pokes through the cereal a lot better.  I also tie a knot on the opposite end of the ribbon so the cereal won’t slip off when it’s pushed down.

Fun, yummy, and totally stylin’.   Smile

The Other Identity

Yesterday I talked a bit about Disney’s Happy Monster Band.

The musical talent behind that fun series is a group of extremely creative people who also tour under the name of Tally Hall.  If you didn’t know that before, you certainly wouldn’t guess it.  Tally Hall has a different kind of rock sound that is just awesome.  Mark and I were lucky enough to hang out with the band at a small concert in July.


VIP seating and everything.  Smile


Check out this sweet seat. We got to chill with friends in our own little elevated corner of the Velour concert room. It was awesome.

How did we get our awesome VIP seating, you ask?

Because we are so very important of course . . .


. . . and we had $20.


But anyway, the concert was incredible.  The sound, the instruments, the voices, all so good.  Seriously had so much fun and even got to chat with the band after.  They treated us like long time friends.

Check out their music here, or go to the Tally Hall Website.

Their opening bands were incredible as well.  We’ve been to a few concerts this summer and this one was by far the best one—the most entertaining, best personalities, best sound, and best opening bands.  Definitely a big thumbs up.  Just LOVED it.

The opening bands:

Check out Casey Shea’s music here.  His music is great and he’s also hilarious. 263344_2091868735417_1206219448_32142597_3132593_n

That’s him in the center there.


Also, this other young band called SPEAK played and blew us away as well. Great music guys!  Check out their music here, or on the SPEAK Website.

. . . . .

BTW, Thanks Linsey for these pics!

Speaking of Monsters . . .

Has your little monster ever had a meltdown?  This one’s for you . . . ‘cause even monsters cry sometimes . . .

Click the pic to see the Disney Junior Happy Monster Band music video, “Even Monsters Cry Sometimes.”


The creators of this musically creative short are incredibly talented.  The Happy Monster Band episodes are the most run, most popular shorts on Disney Junior.  What most people don’t know is that behind those monsters are the voices and talent of (in my opinion) some of the world’s best musicians.  Anyone know who?  Mark and I got to hang out with them at a concert under their *other* identity.  Sound mysterious?  Yes.  Stay tuned . . .

Meanwhile, check out the Angel Street Kids Monster bags. Smile



Feedback from Brandon’s Mom . . .

Angel Street Kids Monster Backpack and Lunchbox


I was notified of a great post from mommy blogger Jennie Yuen.  Check out her post and see her little Brandon with his new Angel Street Kids bags.  He looks so cute with his monster backpack and lunchbox.  See her complete post at www.brandonyuen.blogspot.com

Here’s a tidbit:

“The little monster characters on are cute. Other things that made the backpack adorable are the color patterns, molded zipper pulls, and the overall design.”

“This lunch bag is perfect for kid’s lunch. It is a perfect size and comes with a handle for easy carrying. Since it was small and portable enough for Brandon to carry himself, we also used it as his snack bag and had room to hold his toys when we are out.

. . . it’s a perfect size for small toddlers like Brandon to carry themselves. And it was a nice to match up with the backpack.”

Thanks for the great feedback Jennie! Smile


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