Christmas Wall Art is Here!

New Christmas wall decor is now available!

I designed some wall decals for the holidays.  I have to say, I love these things!  They are SO easy to stick up, and take off, and reposition, and store.  They stick really well, and yet they come off so easily, without messing up the paint, or the sticker.  You can take them off and move them to a different room, or reposition them however you want.  You can also stick them back on the roll they come on and store them to use again next year.  They really are amazing, and don’t lose their sticky-ness at all.  It makes it so fun for the kids (plus it totally “wows” the guests).

Right now I Stick UP is also offering a Christmas deal.  When you buy ANY decal package, you can get a Christmas wreath set for FREE!  (About a $20 value!)  Sweet deal!  Check it out HERE, or click on the images to see more.  This offer is good until December 10th.  Order while supplies last! ;)

These are perfect for home, the office, your mom’s house, your mother-in-law’s house, your kid’s preschool teacher, the classroom, the Christmas party, even the dog house.  :)  Yep, everyone will love these!

Check out the other theme rooms for great Christmas gift ideas!

Thanksgiving Book Pick

N.C. Wyeth’s Pilgrims

Text by Robert San Souci

Illustrated by N.C. Wyeth

I bought this book over 10 years ago in Massachusetts near Plymouth, so it has special significance to me.  We pull it out every year around this time to remember this historical event and remind us of our country’s humble and thankful beginnings.  N.C. Wyeth was a famous American illustrator and was commissioned to create the paintings for this book in 1940.  This is non-fiction historical picture book for kids about the Pilgrim’s and Indians first Thanksgiving.

The illustrations are beautiful and brilliant.  The text begins by telling the story of the Pilgrims’ travels and struggles accross the ocean on the Speedwell and the Mayflower, then tells of hardships and opportunities in the ‘New World.’  Of course, it tells the story of their encounter with Indians, their fast friendships and their famous meal of thanksgiving.

The book is very informative, accurate, and interesting, but also short enough to keep the attention of my wiggly children.   ;)  Mary especially loved the picture of the boat crossing the water.  She made a Mayflower in preschool and pretended to sail it on the picture as we read the story. Though this book is absolutely beautiful, there are just a few pages with small pictures and a lot of words.  That’s kind of hard for my 3 year old to look at while I’m reading all those words.    Anne actually stepped in for me for those pages and summarized that part of the story.  I was impressed!  Thank you Mrs. J for being such a great teacher!  Anne has been listening! ;)  So overall, this book is wonderful and I would recommend it as a good read for children about 5 and up.  For sharing this to children younger than 3, I’d recommend that you read it beforehand and summarize parts of the story.  Your little ones will love the illustrations.  The pictures can tell the story by themselves.  Hope you enjoy the book!

Funny Feet

It was a crazy morning as usual.  I got up at the last minute and scurried everyone around trying to get them ready for school.  It was the usual one-word sentences morning:  Hurry.  Eat!  Brush. Go. Now!   We jetted out the door to make the first drop off and I suddenly remembered it was “Come to School With Funny Feet Day” at Mary’s preschool.  With only 20 minutes until preschool, this is the best we could do.  I think they turned out pretty fun. (Google eyes make anything fun!)

It’s helpful to have a box of odd things in your house.  My odd box has google eyes, yarn, mini bells, all kinds of buttons, craft paint and other stuff, and of course a hot glue gun.

Mark happened to walk by while Mary and I opened the paint, and started colorizing the shoes.  He thought I had gone crazy.   You’d think he’d be used to this by now.  I guess he was surprised because I usually try to have the attitude of “waste not, want not,” but I had bought each of the girls a pair of these shoes on clearance a while back for a screaming $3 each at the shoe store.  So I didn’t feel too bad about the Funny Feet Makeover.

Eliza, of course, wanted her own pair.  She insisted that hers look like honey bees.

I thought the Funny Feet fad would last a day and then the shoes would get lost in the closet.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but those shoes are now the favorites!  They are worn more now than they ever were before!  They wore them all over today while we ran errands and people kept commenting on their cute shoes!  It made them pretty happy and proud of their little google-eyed toes.

BTW, we created these pretty fast to get to school on time, but how cute would it be to spend a little more time and effort and put some ribbons, glitter, beads, or sequins on them!  I think I’ll have to keep an eye out for some more $3 shoes. ;)

Thanksgiving Printables

It’s raining where I am, and I thought I’d post these for a fun indoor rainy day activity for your kids.  Also, Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  These make a great activity to keep the hungry kids happy while Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared.    These are also great for classrooms, preschool or homeschool!  Enjoy!

Click here to print all the images.  Click on each image to print individually.

Fall Printables

November has definitely arrived!  Here we are on the 5th already and it’s time to get some new printables on the blog!  Here’s a few Autumn themed printables.  As the weather gets colder, I’m always trying to think of fun indoor activities to do with the kids.  Coloring is always a winner!  Oh, and stay tuned for some more Autumn and Thanksgiving printables coming up the next couple of weeks…

Also, don’t forget!  It’s football season in the western world…be sure to stock up on the little fan’s apparel!  These Angel Street Kids shirts are available in LONG SLEEVES! Click on the images for more info.

America, VOTE!

Tuesday November 2nd.  Today is an important day here in the USA!  I get to exercise my right to vote!  All you US citizens, don’t let this day go by without doing your part to make a difference too.  There are a lot of decisions to be made in this country.  Make your voice heard.  Please remember to cast your ballots.  Vote! ;)

Halloween Book Review

On Halloween afternoon, we headed to my sister’s house to see their amazing outdoor Halloween decorations.  We went inside to chat for a bit, and not to my surprise my sister was already decked out in her Halloween costume and she had these cute books on her table.  She is a children’s librarian and always knows the ins and outs about the cutest and most clever books for kids.  My kids love it when she reads to them and this occasion was no different.  Pretty soon the kids swarmed around her while she read these cute books.

Twisted Sistahs

Written by Mark Kimball, Illustrated by Karen Hillard Good

“Twisted Sistahs” is a story about the fictional first Halloween.  Three witch sisters throw a big party and invite all the men in the land–like Frankenstein and Dracula, and Jack-o-Lantern.  The sisters help each other prepare for the ghoulish party and advise each other on the perfect outfit and creepy crawly accessories.  They play music and fun games at the party, like bobbing for apples (green apples with worms in them).  The party is such a success, the witch sisters decide to have a party every year on the same night and call it Halloween.  The entire story is told in rhyme with clever phrases and funny, imaginative descriptions.

Room On The Broom

Written by Julia Donaldson, Illustrated by Axel Scheffler

“Room On The Broom” is a cute witch story too.  I smiled at this because maybe I identify with her.  She’s a not-so-bad person really, but still a witch.  Doing her best to hold it together, she keeps losing things.  Each time she runs into a mini crisis, she meets someone who is there at just the right moment to help her out.  Each new friend hops on to the not-so-roomy broom.  Pretty soon the broom snaps, and the witch finds herself in trouble when she crashes into a big bad dragon.  In the end her new friends come up with a creative rescue plan.  When all is well again, everyone gathers ingredients to put in the witches caldron.  “Iggety, ziggety, zaggety, ZOOM!  Then out rose a truly magnificent broom!” The crew then flies off in a new and improved, extra long, deluxe broom–with built in seats for everyone.