Cure for a Windy Day

Last week we had a few very windy days.  Eliza kept saying, “Mom, it’s perfect for a kite day!”  She was right!  Only trouble is I knew (from past experiences) that Eliza has a tricky time keeping a kite in the air-and when the kite’s not up, the 2-year old spirit is down.   She is also the kind of person that HAS to do things on her own, so it’s not like she would have let me help her.  She is very independent that way. 

So what to do?  Simple.  Glue ribbons to a stick.  That’s all.  She called it her “flag” and it blew in the wind quite nicely.

I love things like this!  So simple and requires no batteries.  Best thing is that it’s like two activities in one–they make the craft, and then they spend an hour outside playing with it. 

You can buy wooden dowls at any craft store, hardware store, or even Walmart.  They’re only about  .79 cents.  It only took one little .89 cent bottle of acrylic craft paint to paint the dowls.  They used craft sponge brushes to paint them.  When everything was dry, I helped them glue the ribbons on with a hot glue gun.  I also put a little Fray Check on the ends of the ribbons so they wouldn’t fray (fingernail polish would work too).  After that, voila!  A fun windy day streamer!

It was a perfect day for kites…AND streamers.

Father’s Day Stuff for Kids to Make

Father’s Day Fun Pack

I made these little Father’s Day Printables a few years ago for a store.  I pulled it out for the big day this weekend and the kids have been working on it as a surprise for Dad.

Anne liked working on the card and ‘Dad coupons.”  She wrote things on there like “free game with the family,”  “play with Anne,” “your favorite dinner,” etc.

Mary worked on the dad certificate and wrote “DAD is the best dad in the world.” :)

Eliza colored the little crayon scribbles on the door hanger.  (Ironic, isn’t it?–It looks like a stain on the shirt illustration–so like real life Dad shirts!)

Click on the images to print the full-size PDFs

Little Artists

It was a little too hot to ride bikes today, so we opted for painting in the shade.

(I love that Anne painted this painting of the paint set)

I kind of always dread the painting projects–it’s so messy.  But when you’re painting outside, it’s a whole different story.  Let the drips go, and the creativity flow!  (Then just hose down the table and everything else when it’s clean up time!).  I love outside. ;)

Anne made illustrations of Investigator Anne and the catching of a wanted bandit.  (I’m still working on my book too–oh, actually, you can see my pink binder of notes and sketches way back there on the table.  Yes, I took a break too and was sketching some fun ideas while my little artists were at work.)

Anne’s illustrations–I LOVE her artwork! It’s so bright and colorful.

Mary seemed to love drawing robots and princesses today.

I love her colors and cute shapes.

And here are some of the princesses…

This one is me–didn’t she do a good job!  It looks just like me!

Eliza is in her impressionist stage.  She’s a paint dabber and uses bits of of color and small brush strokes (and sometimes fingers) to create her work.

From left to right, here is Mary’s art called Robot, and two of Eliza’s works, Purple Experiment and Orange Thing

And here are a few more of today’s masterpieces…

When some of the pictures started blowing off the table, we tied a jumprope to the railing and used clothes pins to hang up the artwork to dry.

I love it when my kids use their creativity.  It’s worth all the mess–and it was so fun to paint outside.

Here’s some Angel Street “Little Artist” wall decals that I designed for the little Rembrandts in our lives.  Click HERE or click on the picture to see more.

The Birthday Box

Once in a while I like to rearrange the furniture just to make things sort of new and different.  It’s kinda fun.  I do the same thing with the kids’ toys.  If I rotate the toys among the shelves or move them to different rooms, it seems like the toys suddenly get some renewed attention and become exciting and fun to the kids again.

So that’s what I did today, I moved the toy kitchen stuff upstairs and suddenly everyone thought it was the greatest thing in the world all over again.  By the time I moved the last thing up, Mary had already set out a table for herself, Eliza, Mini Mouse and Baby Doll.

They pulled out the ‘Birthday Box’ that I made for Mary for Christmas last year.  They haven’t played with it for a long time, so it made me happy that it was suddenly so fun again.

Kids love birthdays, so why not celebrate birthdays more often?  With as many dolls and stuffed animals we have around here, we could have a party everyday!  The Birthday Box was made just for that reason.

When I was putting this together I bought some plain brown boxes from a craft store, then painted them to make the cake box and the little present boxes.  I bought the bright birthday-themed fabric to make the table cloth, napkins, and little doll dresses (those are sometimes the gifts that go inside the boxes, or sometimes the dolls wear them to the party).  There’s also princess party crowns, plastic plates, and a plastic cake knife in the box…

…Oh, and these cute  tiny stuffed animals are also a part of the birthday box (occasionally used as the gifts inside the present boxes).

Here’s Eliza and her Baby Doll opening her presents…

Time for birthday cake! –this was a fun little project in itself.  I tried to find a cute cake, but didn’t like the ones that came in the stores,  so I made this one out of pink and cream felt, with white felt frosting edges.  The ‘sprinkles’ are white and pink beads sewn to the top.  The candles are also made of felt and stuck to the cake with velcro circles  (there are actually four candles, but apparently Baby Doll turned one today).

The best part of the cake…blowing out the candles.

Serving up the cake.

BTW–I had no idea how to make a felt cake, but you can find most anything online.  Look up “felt food” and you will be amazed at what you find!

So Happy Birthday Mini Mouse and Baby Doll!

And girls, keep finding all those little things to celebrate every day!  It makes life so fun.