The Wonder of a Box

What in the world!  Snow?!

Yes, that’s right folks.  It’s April 29th and we had major snow today.  But that’s not all, rain, hail, and even spots of beautiful sunshine!  Crazy!  Anyway, since most of the day was extremely cold, and the rest of the day was very soggy, it was another ‘play inside day.’

The Beautiful Amazing Box

I put a box by the back door to go out to the recycling.  I walked in later at just the right moment and grabbed the camera as Eliza discovered the box.  So glad the camera was right there and I snapped these pics…

Curious mind at work…

…and there she goes!

Just her size.  And they say good things come in SMALL packages.  I don’t think so.

Mark came in at about this time and we were both chuckling at how cute she was.  Then Mark decided to play along.  He picked up the box with Eliza in it, put it on the counter and called the other kids to “come and see the package that just arrived!”  They came running.

The kids were hysterical when Eliza popped out.  Then all the kids played with the box for about an hour before I had to drag them away for dinner.

So what is it about a box?  It makes me laugh!  We have a bazillion toys in the house, and it seems like there is just nothing better than an empty box.  Is it the mystery of it?–You know something to open, the wonder of what’s inside maybe?  Maybe it’s the pure discovery and make believe nature of it.  For example, first the box is a package and everyone pretends it’s each others’ birthdays, then the box becomes  a dog house and everyone pretends to be puppies, and then it’s a boat, and then it’s a plane.  The possibilities are endless.  Maybe that’s why it’s so fun, just because it can be anything.   You can’t really pretend that a toy plane is a toy dog house now can you?

Long live the cardboard box!