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Fun activities you can download and print.

Tool Belt Father’s Day Card


This is a fun Father’s Day card that is easy enough for pretty much anyone to make.  It’s more than a card really, it’s a great Father’s Day kids craft.  Young kids may need a little help.


The “tool belt card” folds into a nice card-shape, which is great if you want to put it into an envelope.


Here’s what you’ll need:  Printouts of the two printables below, scissors, glue stick.  You could also use some crayons or markers if you want to color the card with some personal touches. *Note: you could print this on any kind of paper, but cardstock or heavy paper works best.  I used a tan-colored cardstock for the card, and gray and blue cardstock for the tools.



Just click on these pics to get to the full-size version, then print them.  Both files are attached to the link, so be sure to scroll through both pages on the link to see both the card and the tools pages.


After you print the pages, just cut out the card and the pockets.  Fold the card, accordian-style, like shown above.


Put glue on the sides and bottom edge of the pockets, like shown.


As far as the hammer loop, just put a little glue on each of the sides, like this.


Then glue the pockets and hammer loop on to the card.


After I cut out the tools, I glued them on some blue paper, and cut them out again.  I just wanted to add a little more color, but you definitely don’t have to do that if you’re not a fan of cutting.  Feel free to keep it as simple as you want to, Dad will still love it.  Smile


All finished!  The pockets are also a great place to stick a gift card into as well.


You could just print this and color them like this too, to make it more fun for the kiddos, whatever you prefer.  Just have fun!

Happy Father’s Day to all those fathers out there!

Super Easy Paper Flower Pens


This is a great gift for Mother’s Day or for Teacher Appreciation Week.  These flowers look beautiful, and you will be surprised at how easy they are to make!

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First, start by printing out this template (click HERE, or on the image for the printable version).  Each sheet will make ONE flower, so print as many sheets as flowers that you want.  Don’t worry about printing on any special paper, regular printer paper is what I used and it works great…just part of what makes this SO easy.


Use watercolor paint and have your child paint to their heart’s content, right onto the template.  The paper will get buckled and the paints will smear—and that’s perfect!  (Tip:  the finished flower looks really great if you paint the largest and smallest shapes one color, and the medium shapes a contrasting color)


When the paint is dry, just cut the flower shapes out, then cut cross-hair slits in the center of each shape, right where the small circle is.


Push the shapes onto the top of a pen, from largest to smallest.  (Note:  I used black pens with lids.  I took the lids off and stuck them on the top of the pen, then attached the flowers.  This way, the pen is ready to be used, and adds a little height to the flower as well)


When all the pieces are on, I wrapped a little florist tape around the top of the pen lid, as well as underneath the flower.  This will hold the flower in place so the pieces don’t slide off (you could also add a little hot glue onto the pen tip before wrapping the tape, if you want).  Squish the upper pieces together  so they kind of form up, then squish the bottom piece down just a tad—this will make it look very flower-like.  20140508_121011

For the flower leaves, I used 1/2” green ribbon, cut to about 5 inches in length.  Just tie once, then secure it with a little hot glue under the knot.


I found these cute glass jars, and filled them with rocks and green glass stones.  Won’t these cute pen flowers look cute on the teacher’s desk, or maybe next to Mom’s computer, or by the kitchen phone?

The best part is that it is truly hand-painted, and any child will feel so proud of the end product.

The hand-painted bloom is perfect for adding the child’s touch to a beautiful gift for anyone…and it’s SO easy!


Super Easy Mother’s Day Cards

Handmade says so much!  Even if you don’t consider yourself a crafty person, you can totally make these.  These are the easiest cards you and your kids will ever create.


This Floral Heart Mother’s Day card is already painted for you.  Just click on the image below and print it on your handy dandy color printer.  Cut it out, then write a meaningful message for your momma.  Super easy.

(Just click on the image you want, and then print it)



I left out the personal Mother’s day greetings on the card templates, so that you can customize them yourselves for your mother or grandmother, or other special mother in your life.





The kids will love these.  Whip out some paints and have the kiddos create their own finger print flowers. The stems and border are already done for you!



Just have the kids dob their cute fingers three times around each flower head.  Try using three different colors to make the card fun and bright.  Water-based paints are best – (use watercolor paints or slightly thinned acrylic craft paint)


Mom’s are busy bees…and they are also bee-utiful.  These bees are also fashioned with fingerprints.  Just print the template, cut, then dob on some fingerprints.  The bees’ stripes and eyes are already there, just press some painted fingers over the design.

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  Take time to make the mothers in your life feel special!  To view and print all the cards, click HERE.

Dream Big – Printables

The American Library Association’s summer reading program is “Dream Big.”  I created a few Dream Big printables for those of you out there who are interested in enhancing your children’s summer reading.  Enjoy!







Martha Speaks About Animal Shelters

PBS KIDS’ Martha Speaks is partnering with the Humane Society of the United States to celebrate the great work done by animal shelters around the country.


To celebrate this partnership, PBS will be airing a special week of shelter dog episodes, beginning Monday, October 3, 2011 on PBS KIDS (check your local listings).

Previewing the Martha Speaks episodes this week has led to many conversations and questions from my kids.  We’ve been exploring and learning a lot this week about animal shelters and the Humane Society.  Check out what we’ve learned on our video!

My kids and I have celebrated Martha’s great cause this entire week.  We got a sneak peak of the new episode, “Carolina Picks a Lily,” and loved it.  This new episode will premier on TV this Monday, so check your local listings!  There will be special episodes every day to celebrate shelter animals.  You won’t want to miss it!  This is such a great opportunity to teach your kids in a really fun way about the great work of the Humane Society.

It’s a great thing to adopt an animal from an animal shelter.  You never know what fun things will happen.  I found it inspiring when I discovered that Susan Meddaugh, the author of the original “Martha Speaks” book series, was inspired to write the books because of a stray dog she adopted and named Martha.  “[The real-life] Martha has given me more than I could have ever imagined,” Susan explains. “What if we hadn’t adopted her? We would have missed so much. And it makes me sad to think of all the dogs in shelters, and all the love and surprises they could bring to a forever home of their own.”

When you adopt an animal and bring them into a “forever home,” it surely is a cause for celebration!  It’s like welcoming a new family member!  Here are some ideas to help you celebrate . . .


These tasty dog bone cookie snacks are a sure crowd pleaser.  Make extra for the party goers, they will definitely want to take home a doggy-bag.


We made these tasty treats the easy way!  We made brownies from a mix and sugar cookies from a mix.  Just get your favorite frostings, sprinkles and a dog bone cookie cutter and you will be set.  I like how the little dog bone sits on top of the brownie.


By the way, these are just people treats.  You should never EVER feed a dog chocolate.


Unless it’s this kind of dog.  Then it’s okay.

Make some tasty treats that Martha and your own dog would love.  Here’s a recipe for some great doggy-safe treats:

More fun with Animal Shelter Printables!

I thought it would be fun to have some printables for the upcoming week, so I created these for the great celebration.  Just click the pics below to view the full-size PDFs and print!  These are great for a fun activity to color while watching the Shelter Dog Adoption episodes of Martha Speaks this week!  Also, find a fun Martha Speaks bone bracelet activity printout at

To find out more about helping animals and for more activity ideas, visit






Father’s Day Printables!

Father’s Day printables are here!  Just print these out and let your kids have loads of fun making cards and other surprises for Father’s Day.  I didn’t forget about grandpa either!  Just scroll down to find the grandpa versions.  Dad and Grandpa will love it! ;)

Click individual images to get the full-size PDF, or click HERE to print them all.

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Mother’s Day Cards for Kids to Make

I just finished making these little printable cards for Mother’s Day.  My kids are anxious to make some for their grandmas.  Enjoy! ;)

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Click on each image to see the full-size PDF, or CLICK HERE to open the multi-page PDF.

More Easter Activities!

A few more Easter ideas for you!  If you like these printables please go to the Angel Street Kids Facebook Page and click “LIKE.”  I will keep you posted on new stuff!

I created these little Easter designs to use as Cupcake toppers and/or table confetti.

These little baskets are easy-shmeasy to make, then just fill them with your favorite Easter candy!  Perfect as a table setting decoration, party favor, or gift!  Enjoy! ;)

New Easter Printables!

I just finished creating these new Free Easter printables!  Click the images to view and print the full-size PDF!  If you like these printables, please go to the Angel Street Kids Facebook page and click “LIKE” to become a fan.  I post through that page and would love to hear from you there!  I’ll keep you updated on new free printables, sales on Angel Street Products, and lots more stuff!



Springtime Pinwheels

Make a perfect pinwheel!  No tracing or guessing! This activity is fun and also a great way to teach about pattern-making and shapes.

Just print out these patterns I made below on some colorful paper.  You can use any kind of paper you want– copy paper, scrapbook paper, or cardstock.  If you plan to paint patterns on the paper, it’s best to use cardstock.


These fun shapes will be cute centers for your pinwheels.

Decorate the printouts any way you like.  My kids and I chose to paint them, so we used cardstock.  You’ll need your printouts, some thumbtacks, craft paint (or crayons or stickers or whatever you want to use to decorate it) and some small-ish dowels.  The dowels I used are 3/16″ in diameter and came in a pack of 16 for about a dollar.  The thumbtacks were $.88 for a pack of 70.  Good deal!

It’s fun to find objects around the house to use as a stencil to decorate your paper.  Here I used the end of a marker for the circles, and the dots were created using the end of a pencil eraser.  Create a pattern and when it’s dry, turn it over and create a contrasting pattern.

Again, this is a fun way to teach kids about patterns and shapes.  You could come up with countless patterns to create and ways to put these together.

When your decorated printouts are finished, just follow the directions on the printout to create the pinwheel.  Tape down the corners as you go, it will make it easier.  When you are ready to stick the thumbtack in, I found it’s better to cut a hole about the size of a pencil eraser in the pinwheel and the center shape.  If the hole is bigger, the pinwheel spins a little better.  Also, don’t stick the thumbtack in too far, it needs to have a bit of space for it to spin.  I found it best to push the thumbtack through, then turn the pinwheel upside down.  Place the dowel on top and use a small hammer to push it into the wood just right.

Another Method for Those Who Are Thumbtack Phobic:

If you’re going to create these with very young children and don’t like the idea of pins, here’s another idea to make it safer for your kids.  You’ll need the same supplies as above, but you’ll also need some bendy straws.

A bendy straw fits perfectly over the 3/16″ dowels.  Slide it over the dowel and tape around the bottom so it stays in place.

On this one I fluffed the flower shape a little by cutting between each petal and folding the petals up.

Cut the holes in the pinwheel and center shapes, then slide them over the bendy part of the straw.

Cut slits in the end of the straw to make 4 strips.

You can put a button on top and pull the straw strips through to keep everything together.  Now it looks like a daffodil.

Last, just put some tape around the straw in the back to hold things in place back there.

Have fun with your pinwheels!